Dj Mozart Bio



For an in depth look at DJ Mozart, here is the official bio.

DJ/Producer based in Beirut, Lebanon.
Starting in 1995, Mozart has conquered gigs at some of the hottest clubs in Lebanon such as Le Senat, Ouragan, Excel X, Zeneth, Kookoo Club, Options, Red Carpet and many more across major cities in Lebanon.

He knows music and knows how to redefine it, and bring it to life. His innovative techniques and charismatic mixes distinguish him from his peers. His musical style started out as an even blend of early rave anthems, which could have been anything from a Chicago house to Euro-house or Trance. It was this variety in his playing that led Mozart to be able to adapt his set at any given time to the crowd in front of him because he knows people and knows how to move them. He exist to entertain and makes sure dance-floors are revitalized.

Mozart is an open platform DJ but has a speciality within House music, Deep House, and Progressive House music scene. Other Genres covered are R&B, Hip Hop, Oriental, Disco, Dance & Club Classics .